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Call for Papers and Reviewers

Call for Submissions 2021 

We invite submissions for the Indaba X Nigeria conference (Virtual).
We welcome research posters, abstracts, survey papers, vision papers, or multi-disciplinary papers that apply local datasets to areas of study where AI could be impactful.

Papers may introduce novel theories, methodology, applications or product demonstrations.

Papers are published in a non-archival format and may have been previously published, completed, ongoing, or published in other venues.
Submissions may include but are not limited to the following topics: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Neuroscience, Deep Learning, Knowledge Reasoning, Machine Learning, Statistical Reasoning, Computational Theory, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and Robotics.

We also welcome posters about applications of AI to music, health, arts, education, molecular structure, fairness, ethics and transparency in AI and AI in politics, etc.

Each submission will fall into one of these four tracks:
• Machine learning Algorithms Systems
• Machine Learning Applications. 
We encourage all Nigerian researchers in areas related to AI to submit their work.
For further details on the paper submissions, please refer to the submission’s page.

Format for Submission
Abstract submissions must be in PDF format.
Submissions are strictly limited to a two content page, including all figures and tables, where an additional page could be for references only.
The pages should be in a single column using 11-point fonts and have at least a 1-inch margin everywhere. There is the risk of rejection for a paper that does not follow these guidelines.

Call for Reviewers

All submitted papers will go through the peer-review process. The organizers of Indaba X Nigeria 2021 conference are calling for reviewers.

If you are interested in reviewing papers and posters, please  read the requirments and apply using the link below.

Reviewer Requirements:
• Qualified to M. Sc or PhD level (or equivalent)
• Active researchers in this filed
• Have Two or more recent publications in peer-reviewed journals

Reviewer Benefits:
• Refresh your knowledge
• Build your reputation
• Gain valuable experience
• Keep up to date with your research field
• Enjoy a discount on your conference registration fee
• Be a potential candidate for the Technical Program Committee

Reviewer Responsibilities:
• Review and judge the manuscript objectively
• Inform the conference committee if any plagiarism exists
• Keep the reviewed manuscript as confidential file
• Send back the review comments in time (normally within three weeks)
• Not to copy or use any information obtained during the review process

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